Harking back to a bygone age….

Our 2014 finale was a concert with a special accent on late nineteenth-century Russian romantic music. Guest artist Ernest So performed a selection of songs by Sergei Rachmaninoff, together with his poignant Vocalise, followed by a handful of Preludes by Reinhold Gliere. Ernest was joined by supporting artists Petra Chong, Claire Hansell, Clio Chu and Mark Heller who performed works by Medtner, Ireland, Rachmaninoff and Mompou. Here Ernest reviews the event on his blog…..
Music had, for centuries, played an important role in our society.  Paintings and documents have long afforded us a glimpse into the vibrant musical life of generations past, particularly the music salons of 19th century.  These salons were meeting places for music lovers, performers, composers,  instrument makers, and the curious minded public of every walk of life – a cocktail of interesting characters unlikely to come together if not for the occasion.  Several performers would take to the stage, with slightly less fanfare than at a concert hall proper but every bit as compelling and captivating, and there is always this magical feeling between artists who share a stage, as though they have been let in on a secret and have instantly bonded by this shared experience.
Read the rest of Ernest’s article and see more pictures from the concert here
Petra Chong, Claire Hansell, Mark Heller, Clio Chu and Ernest So
Petra Chong, Claire Hansell, Mark Heller, Clio Chu and Ernest So