Press & Testimonials

“A wonderfully creative idea” (Peter Donohoe, internationally-acclaimed concert pianist)

“Doing amazing things for pianists in London” (Graham Fitch, pianist, teacher and writer)

“a very reasonably-priced introduction to the world of glorious piano music in an intimate setting, followed by an opportunity to meet and talk to musicians who are as passionate about their piano music” (Lucy Butler Gillick)

“The whole evening was lovely and the programme fascinating…..the pianists all had such diverse interpretations to offer.” (Amanda, audience member at Frances Wilson & Friends at Brunswick House)

“A great programme in a special venue”

“a unique experience of music and friendship” (José, performer)

“Impressive recital – very enjoyable” (Kate, audience member at ‘Notes&Notes’ at Craxton Studios)

“A great afternoon with beautiful and wonderfully performed music, and the tea and scones provided a lovely, convivial atmosphere for chatting afterwards!” (David, audience member at ‘Notes&Notes’ at Craxton Studios)

“Fabulous recital in a beautiful setting”

“A superb evening – huge fun was had with a mix of musical genres in a delightfully decrepit and stylish Georgian mansion [Brunswick House]. Best of luck promoting these salon recitals, the way music is meant to be played and heard.” (Rosalind, audience member at Brunswick House, 3 April 2014)

“An entirely delightful event, all the more enjoyable being played by proficient amateurs, and with a small and wonderfully eclectic audience, including lots of young people (try finding this age group at the Wigmore Hall!), chamber music in its natural setting. Please do this here again.” (Timothy, audience member at Brunswick House, 3 April 2014)

“I couldn’t have imagined doing what I did on Thursday evening six months ago when I’d certainly never performed to our cat, let alone a room full of 50 paying audience members!” (Rob, London Meetup Group Member & performer at Brunswick House)

“Thank you very much for putting so much passion into organising all these events. Performing at my best in such a friendly atmosphere was one of my unaccomplished dreams.” (José Luis, London Piano Meetup Group Member and performer)

“a wonderful range of repertoire in this most intimate of venues”

“proactive and inspiring”

“The South London Concert Series is both innovative and traditional.  Events blend an appreciation of fine music and music making with conviviality, and blur the artificial distinctions between professional and amateur. Performer and audience can only benefit from this initiative and music will undoubtedly prove the ultimate victor.  This is the right idea at the right time – and an idea that is being beautifully executed.” (James Lisney, concert pianist)

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Read about us in the October/November 2013 issue of Pianist Magazine
Read about us in the October/November 2013 issue of Pianist Magazine

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